How to choose the right proposal of corporate identity?

—Emilio Bustamante

Imagine that you’re ready to see the proposals for your new corporate identity, prepared by your agency, but how do you know which of them will be the best for the future of your company? 

The selection of your future brand identity should be a relatively simple matter. The first thing you need to know is that it’s a process of co-creation. For Ideograma, as experts in the development of corporate identity projects, we believe it’s vital to work closely with our clients. They are the real experts on what their brand has to offer and on the sector in which they operate, so working in tandem with them is crucial for the process. 

And it’s thanks to the client who shares with us all the key company information (history, milestones, strategic plans, market research, etc.) that we can get to present the new identity after carrying out a fundamental task: reaching total clarity on the key communication concept behind the brand.

In Ideograma we believe that brands live in three territories. The first is called Essence: who am I? What’s my name? The second is Difference: what makes me different from every other company in my sector? The third is Relevance: what position can I occupy in the mind and hearts of my audiences? Once these three territories are defined we are able to come up with what we call the Identity Idea, the key concept for communication that will form the basis for authentic, distinctive and memorable messages.

Returning to the day of the presentation, where I started this article, the proposals for the new identity will, of course, be aesthetically pleasing and correct but, more importantly, they will reflect the process I have just described. On the day in question it is time for you to enjoy the presentation and allow yourself to get carried away. You will imagine which of them will be the one that you are most comfortable with, or which better reflects the story behind your company. You could also just choose one randomly, which is not as crazy as it sounds, since your agency should have ensured that every proposal is totally aligned with all previous agreements. 

If, in the worst case scenario, your agency has not been interacting with you during this process, or has not made clear what the brand needs to communicate, there are many reasons to be very nervous. I certainly would be!

Emilio Bustamante

Design director

Brilliant at detecting and interpreting reality, Emilio is a keen observer of faces, colors and details, all of which he stores away for inspiration when creating a logo. He heads up the team that designs the corporate identity projects.

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