Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you how your brand should be

—Nitziné Álvarez

One of the greatest gifts that Ideograma has given to us who work here is the opportunity to meet, deal directly with and advise a group of founders, business owners, CEOs and directors of all types of organizations. These talented people all share crucial qualities as visionaries; they are successful, assertive and tenacious. They bring their own style of leadership, their own way of doing things, they imprint the company with an identity and to the brand we create for them. 

The great thing about our process of construction of a brand is that we offer a “signature dish” rather than one from a “menu”. We use a structured methodology for the creation of hundreds of brands and this does not mean that we serve up brands like a series; on the contrary. Every new project is like tasting a new dish; it is an opportunity to use new ingredients, such as the history, realities, and unique purposes of an organization, to create a new identity. However, looking beyond the industry sector, the track record, history, purpose, market, results, etc., a crucial point in the process is our first encounter with the leaders and directors of a company.

As we enjoy sitting face to face with the people who run large businesses, we also enjoy asking them questions in our search to discover more details about who they are and where they’re going, all vital information in connection with the brand. From the first moment we meet and during a whole series of subsequent meetings we are able to read their character and their personality. We find out about their background and their experiences, gaining their confidence and allowing us to listen to their hopes and fears, their vision for the company and the people they lead. 

This first reading is for us one of the principal ingredients in the construction of a brand. The founder of a company who shows a genuine social vocation communicates via a brand that unites and empowers; a leader who is concerned for the future aims for a brand that inspires and encourages; and a director who values technology and clients depends on a brand that is both technical and empathetic.

Nevertheless, not everything is as sweet and as simple as it sounds. What happens to the brand when some of the leader’s qualities are questionable? A brand will always aim to reinforce the positive and take advantage of any area of opportunity. At Ideograma we want to ensure that the brand is faithful to the essence and the character of the organization. We think in terms of a long life for the brand, for surely it will outlive the founders and leaders of today.

Nitziné Álvarez

Director, strategic communications

Organized and diligent Nitziné helps to reveal the soul and heart of brands. She considers herself fortunate to be part of what makes companies stand out and shine in the marketplace, thanks to the creation and implementation of corporate identities.


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