When is the best time to launch a new corporate identity?

—Josep Palau

Thanks to the pandemic some of our clients have decided to halt their brand projects or delay their launch. When would be the best time to launch a new corporate identity under these circumstances?

First, we should remember that organizations are living entities that are in a constant state of transformation. They are exposed to market dynamics, to growth, to internal changes, to the development of new products or services, to alliances, acquisitions and what the competition does… Transformation is an ongoing process, perhaps not so obvious to outsiders, but communication campaigns must be linked to reality, no matter how much it changes.

The best moment to revise a brand identity is when the organization has enough good news to share, when the new reality is better than the old perception. 

But the identity should not just be about now. A new brand must align with a new internal vision that leads to the future. It must tie down the public’s expectations and act as a motivational model for achieving key objectives. It must generate harmony and synergy and, of course, stimulate transformation.

So when would be the best time to present a new brand?

It’s really important to recognize that change occurs mostly due to internal factors, except for the odd exception or unexpected occurrence. No one demands that we change, nor when we should do so. It’s worth remembering that there are very few occasions when we are seriously pressurized into doing something by a specific date.

If there is one thing we have learnt about revealing brands over the decades is that a new identity has to be launched internally first. Very few people within the company will know about the project and the few people who do know are usually the directors and those involved directly in the project. So it makes complete sense to launch the brand internally.

There’s another point to consider. The people who work for the company must not, under any circumstance, find out about the change of identity from a third party or from an external campaign. We must remember that they are the ambassadors of the new identity and they will be the first to communicate it to their friends and acquaintances. 

A key concept to close this article. We like to say that the identity is communicated through saturation. We need the people who work for us to be overflowing with information, like a glass that is too full of water, so that they are able to convey the brand’s essence to all concerned. 

If you are about to launch your new identity you are no doubt asking when the ideal moment might be. Start by looking at the interior of your organization, analyze the variables and decide what to do first, depending on internal requirements. They are key to defining the impact of your future identity, more than you realize, regardless of what’s going on outside. 

Josep Palau

Partner and managing director

Pep is skilled at managing both left and right hemispheres. A charismatic Catalan, he loves to tell stories that are often lessons of life. He is a partner in Ideograma, a brand guru, and the light that guides Ideograma in Mexico.

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