Launching a new corporate identity

—Rosalind Pearson

For a company that is going through the process of changing its corporate identity it is a good idea to carry out an internal readjustment. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to review the philosophy of the company, its mission, vision and values. In line with this internal adjustment and the definition of key messages and audiences it is important to consider organizing an event to launch the new identity, to both internal and external audiences.

If the company has also changed its name, then it is even more imperative to organize the launch with the aim of ensuring the best possible impact from Day 1 of the change.

The principal objective of a launch event is to inform the audiences of the change, to explain why the change was deemed necessary and also to ensure the generation of goodwill, which is crucial in the process of establishing a healthy corporate reputation.

Some businesses take the decision to organize an internal event only; others organize two or more events for specific audiences. For any event aimed at external audiences it is important to include on the invitation list the media, investors, opinion leaders and academics, to mention a few.

The launch of a new corporate identity is, therefore, an opportunity to communicate directly with every public and to manage the diffusion of information in such a way that the identity, and its visual language, is shown to great effect. It will be seen online, in print and in social media, all at the same time, using the same messages with the aim of constructing an impeccable and long lasting corporate reputation.

From the date of the launch and through the use of clear key messages on all the communication materials, both internal and external audiences will be kept informed and up-to-date with all the news of the company.

Rosalind Pearson

Communications and public relations consultant

English by nature, adapted to and adopted by Mexico, she is decisive, realistic, punctual and warm-hearted, cultivating conversations with clients, designers, friends, academics and the media. Rosalind is our environmental conscience.

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