Your brand: does it actually say something or does it just adorn your business?

—Joe Oviedo

It is very common for company directors to be more concerned with getting any old logo up and running for their business rather than going through the process of developing a proper strategy that clearly sustains a brand. That might work in theory – you can get stationery printed up and a web page developed – but long term it is not going to help much. On the contrary, a logo used on its own is virtually useless.

Mexico is a developing market with many different offers in all sectors and industries. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Some companies believe that a good location is enough, or being able to distribute innovative products or services through a good system will set them on the road to success, and since the obstacles to starting a new business are becoming easier and easier to surmount then investing in developing a brand is not at the top of their list. 

The road is long but the key is to be patient along the way to becoming a top of mind brand, this being the main objective for a corporate brand. To get there it is necessary to balance the urgent need to launch, with a work plan that guarantees results. It is essential to be convinced that the time and money invested in the project to support the brand brings life to the company, in the right way.

That’s why giving your company a clever name, with a great logo and attractive colours, is not going to be much use if other important elements have not been taken into consideration, such as the history of the company, stories, famous phrases, everything that has accompanied the development of the business right from the beginning.

What you do and how you behave every day adds to the reputation of your brand, and a logo is a signature that represents an idea, a company and its people who all have a specific mission and behave according to a set of values. However, the logo on its own does not correctly represent all that the company is and might become. A logo has to be accompanied by a system of visual language and a specific communication narrative that succeeds in positioning your company in the minds of your clients. One clear example of this is Volaris, the first low cost budget airline in Mexico. 

Another point is that when you only adorn your company with a logo and a bit of stationery, as well as starting out on social media, you soon run out of things to say.  We’ve just opened! And then what else can you talk about? You will find that your brand offer is more or less empty, that you sound just like every other company out there and when you least expect it you have to start offering promotions and discounts, just like everyone else. 

So, to avoid getting stuck, you need to focus on your brand so that it becomes a declaration of who you are now and what you will become tomorrow. You have to define what makes you different from your competition, and that is precisely when your business becomes distinct and provides a unique option for your target audience. All you have to do is dedicate the necessary time and investment to make your brand more than just a pretty logo that adorns your company.

Joe Oviedo

Project development leader

Open to new experiences, a passionate communicator and self-taught in digital media Joe follows up new business leads, sees how compatible we are with clients and keeps an eye on our productivity.