Ideograma inspired by nature and responsible with the environment

—Rosalind Pearson

We like to say that we are a happy and fun company, that we are a group of people with good taste, passionate about design, creativity, celebrations and culture. We consider ourselves warm and enthusiastic; we also have a conscience and sense of responsibility. Our ecological conscience is developed enough to motivate us to recycle, separate and even maintain a compost successfully. We are definitely interested in being as responsible as we possibly can with the environment and we like to lead by example.  

Our raison d’être is design and strategic communication. We obviously have computers and high-resolution screens, everything that is necessary to keep us on the edge and leading the world of corporate identity in Mexico. We depend on technology that is always changing and improving, which means that it is inevitable that we renew our equipment when we can. So what do we do with the old computers? We donate them to schools or to low income families so that others can use them for years to come.

All our light bulbs are LED or light saving; we don’t have a stove or a water heater so we don’t use any gas at all. Our biggest energy expense is electricity but by using modern equipment that is energy conscious we manage to save as much as we can. Our next step, already studied and planned, is to install solar panels on our roof so that we will be able to reduce significantly our dependence on the expensive national electricity network. 

We are lucky to have not just a great garden but also a privileged location beside one of the most important ravines in Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos known as the City of Eternal Spring. We often say that the wonderful green vegetation that surrounds us inspires us to be more creative and helps us develop better ideas. Not only that but our green surroundings also generate a great feeling of harmony with nature. Having this space means that it was easy for us to create a compost where we deposit all the organic waste that results from our kitchen. The rich earth that results, a few months later, we use to fertilize the plants and trees in our garden.

We really want our ecological habits - cultivated within Ideograma - to serve as inspiration for our clients and friends to do the same in their businesses and organizations. Without any doubt, being in touch with nature and making an effort to protect the environment generates a great feeling of wellbeing. 


Rosalind Pearson

Communications and public relations consultant

English by nature, adapted to and adopted by Mexico, she is decisive, realistic, punctual and warm-hearted, cultivating conversations with clients, designers, friends, academics and the media. Rosalind is our environmental conscience.

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