We create identity, we expand brands

We believe that brands are the ideal platform for the creation of meaning: they are ideas that mirror reality.

The success of your business doesn’t just depend on the performance of your products or services. It depends more on your ability to awaken the interest of the public and create an emotional link with your clients, concentrating on the value of your offer. Here is where Ideograma makes the difference, using strategic creative consultancy, making it possible for you to enhance and increase the value of your brand.

We create
We define
Our Process

Our Process

Ours is an authentic process which has the aim of revealing who you really are, while discovering new perspectives for your business.

Since 1999 we have successfully created and implemented more than 200 corporate identities. Our methodology is based on 2 fundamental principles: the creation of a brand and subsequently, the creation of the experiences that give it shape.

We create brands

We define your true intention and help you find the best way to express it.

Our starting point is your market, what’s happening there, and finding out what is of value to your audiences. We propose a positioning statement that fits your offer perfectly, and we express it through memorable names, convincing slogans, creative identities and inspiring brands.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Audit
  • Design Thinking
  • Positioning Statement
  • Naming and Nomenclature Systems
  • Graphic Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines

We define experiences

We prepare your brand for its moment of truth

Brands are alive: they connect, communicate, propose and evolve. The Brand Guideline is just the first step. The brand grows and matures at each point of contact through a clear, coherent, consistent and creative narrative content and style. We help to explain the finer points of its use to the teams who will be managing the brand, so that the strategy becomes clear, the identity takes on meaning and a sense of belonging is generated.

  • Creation of brand narrative
  • Development of applications
  • Supervision of implementation
  • Brand training
  • Internal communication
  • Public relations consultancy
  • Advertising campaigns

We become part of your team

We put a lot of enthusiasm into our projects and make sure the process is enjoyable and rewarding. Both in Cuernavaca and in Montreal we are a committed team, not just ultra focussed on design, communication and business strategies but also ultra specialized in corporate identity.

A smile speaks volumes

It fills our hearts with pride when our work is applauded by our friends and colleagues. We feel even prouder when our clients express their appreciation and satisfaction as their brands come alive and begin to impact their audiences.

As consultants we always strive to do our best, inspiring our clients to achieve their ambitions and shaping a relationship based on friendship and trust. We are witnesses of how their brands become successful and impressive vehicles for their business strategies.


Our work is given impetus when we are awarded prizes. Wherever we go, we are concerned with promoting design and its role as a vital ingredient in successful business strategies.


We are good at talking about our work but we also believe that our work speaks for itself. Our work is published internationally and we are grateful for the support, in books, in magazines and online.