We are true brand specialists

We believe that the brand is the perfect platform to connect with audiences. The success of your company does not just depend on the performance of your product or service, but also your capacity for generating affinity and stirring emotions. This is where Ideograma’s creative strategic consultancy comes in; we can only achieve this when the brand is true to itself, unmistakable in its sector and meaningful for key audiences.

Investigation Idea Implementation Our Process

Our Process

Our authentic process enables the discovery of who you really are, in order to arrive at new and real company perspectives.

Since 1999 we have successfully created and implemented more than 250 brands for our clients. Our consultancy is based on three key stages: Investigation, Idea and Implementation.



    In order to completely understand the brand, its essence, context and audiences.

  • Creative brainstorming sessions
    (through design thinking)
  • Market investigation
    (directed and supervised)
  • Brand audit
  • Brand architecture
  • Identity idea
    (positioning statement)



    Names, graphic identity, visual and verbal narrative.

  • Naming and naming systems
  • Graphic identity (logo)
  • Verbal and visual narrative
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand audio
  • Logo animation



    The stage to launch the brand and take it to its maximum potential.

  • Applications
  • Implementation supervision
  • Training
  • Selection and supervision of suppliers
  • Strategic Communication Plan and/or Strategic Transition Plan
  • Internal communication programmes
  • Internal and external launch programmes
  • Brand guardianship

Talent and experience on your side

We are not just enthusiastic about working with you but we enjoy it too, together it’s a road full of discovery and exciting moments. Our team, in Cuernavaca and in Montreal, is hyper specialized in strategic thinking and creative ideas; we are hyper focused on brand identity.

Together with our clients we make a team

We are very proud when our work is appreciated by our colleagues and peers, or discussed publicly, but it is far more important to us to receive appreciation from our clients who recognize that the brand we created together describes, identifies and communicates with key audiences.

As consultants we always strive to do our best, inspiring our clients to achieve their ambitions and shaping a relationship based on friendship and trust. We are witnesses of how their brands become successful and impressive vehicles for their business strategies.


Our work is given impetus when we are awarded prizes. Wherever we go, we are concerned with promoting design and its role as a vital ingredient in successful business strategies.


We are good at talking about our work but we also believe that our work speaks for itself. Our work is published internationally and we are grateful for the support, in books, in magazines and online.